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Field Reservations

Islanders Field Stadium at River Islands


No outside operators will be permitted without approval from River Islands Baseball Club, LLC

  • The person signing this reservation form agrees that any activity conducted will be in accordance with all pertinent regulations and policies as well as any applicable federal, state, or local laws.
  • The person signing this reservation form is aware of, acknowledges, and takes responsibility for all risks associated with the use of this venue including but not limited to illness, injury, dismemberment, paralysis, and/or death.
  • The person signing this reservation form agrees that any costs generated by this event are the sole responsibility and obligation of the applicant whose signature hereto insures payment thereof.
  • The person signing this reservation form hereby agrees to be responsible for all fees as they apply and the insurance requirements as stated in the Guidelines to River Islands Athletic Venue Rentals


Islanders Field Stadium - Full Day 4 Games (6-12 hours)
$900.00 per day Islanders Field Stadium
Islanders Field Stadium - Half Day (up to 6 hours)
$500.00 per day Islanders Field Stadium
Gate - per person
$5.00 per person
Lighting (4-hour minimum)
$120.00 per hour
Umpires & Assigning Fee (paid by user)
$75 per Umpire/$150 per game x2
Announcer and Scoreboard (4-hour minimum)
$150.00 per day / 4 games
Venue Manager
$150.00 per day
*Concessions Provided-No Outside Vendors Permitted Without Approval


Reservations for this athletic venue may be made by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone at (925) 487-9207, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Requests will be reviewed, processed, and confirmed after the form has been submitted. Reservation requests must be submitted 10 working days prior to the event. If the event is a tournament, special event, social event, etc., or may have an attendance of more than 300, reservation requests must be submitted three (3) weeks prior for approval. Any appointments and requests may be made up to three months prior to the event. Activities may be scheduled Monday through Sunday, but availability will depend upon and will be scheduled around existing athletic practice times, field maintenance schedules, game days, or during camps and clinics. If the Stadium is available, it will be put on a tentative hold for the inquiring party. Once the paperwork has been submitted and signed by the requester, the information will be reviewed by RIBC. If approved, an agreement will be prepared by RIBC and sent to the applicant for signature. Once the fully executed agreement is received along with a check for the rental of the facility and insurance, the event will be confirmed.