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Sponsorship Form

Your position is not secured until payment is received for your desired location. Checks should be made payable to: River Islands Baseball Club, LLC. For credit card payments, you will be contacted by our staff to process. Once we receive full payment and completed banner, signage is posted for the duration of the baseball season and removed prior to the beginning of the following years season. Art work should be submitted as soon as possible. Please submit your signage design for review and approval to ensure adequate visibility. Keep in mind less is more, for visibility. We can design your sign upon request. Final banner is provided by Islanders Field. Out sourced banners will not be accepted. Once your form is submitted you will be contacted at the phone number provided above.

Get a field sign and advertise your business

In-stadium signage at Islanders

In-stadium signage at Islanders Field offers one of the most effective forms of advertising during our events . It allows the delivery of repetitive exposure to players and parents in the Northern California area, generating high impact and high recall. This is truly a great way to communicate your message to a large, engaged audience. Islanders Field signage is uncluttered and creates a clear relationship between your brand, Amateur baseball and the Islanders Field.

Scoreboard Spaces:

  • 3’ x 7’ - $5000
  • 2’ x 7’ - $3500
  • 4-spaces available

Outfield Signage positions on fencing:

  • 7’ x 10’ - $1,500