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DON JOHNS: 925-487-9207
The stadium is a privately-operated baseball facility located in the Town Center of the River Islands Master Planned community in Lathrop, California. The address is River Islands Parkway. The field is 390 feet in center field, and both foul lines are 330 feet. Stadium seating capacity is approximately 500. Lights, public restrooms, a scoreboard, public address systems, and batting cages are included. All game necessities must be provided by the renter. Bases will be provided by River Islands Baseball LLC. Paved parking is provided and included in this facility.
FIELD ADDRESS: 1051 River Islands Parkway | Lathrop CA 95330

River Islands Athletic Venue Rental Guidelines for Islanders Field Stadium

Thank you for choosing Islanders Field Stadium for your event! Islanders Field Stadium (“Stadium”) is located off River Islands Parkway in the designated Town Center of the River Islands Master Community Plan.

  • Reservations:
    Reservations for this athletic venue may be made by contacting don online or telephone at (925) 487-9207, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Requests will be reviewed, processed, and confirmed after the form has been submitted.
  • Payment:
    In order to confirm your reservation, you must provide a deposit of 50% of the total amount of estimated event costs via check. This deposit is nonrefundable. Within 10 business days of the event, the remaining 50% balance must be paid. Please make all checks out to: River Islands Baseball Club, LLC.
  • Food Services / Catering:
    All catered food served must be coordinated through the concession provider: Our House Concessions, Marcus Shahen, (209) 610-8430. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited unless purchased through RIBC concession provider. Food and drinks, other than water, are not allowed in any of the dugouts, bullpens, or playing field at any time. Sunflower seeds, gum, and chewing tobacco are NOT allowed. Eating and drinking are allowed in specific areas only. If food is to be sold or served, arrangements must be made through the RIBC concession provider. Please request additional details if desired.
  • Event Promotion:
    This event may NOT be advertised or promoted including commercial sponsorship, solicitation, photography, etc. unless previously approved by RIBC. Please do not promote your event until you have returned your reservation form, it has been approved, and RIB has processed your deposit. Furthermore, all promotional materials for your event must be approved by RIB.
The Boathouse


We would love to host your next event

Our family has been in the restaurant space since 1990. A sincere passion for connecting with people through food and service has been our hallmark through multiple establishments in the Central Valley. We are humbled to continue Susan’s vision of what River Islands is to become and excited to call The Boathouse our newest home. We are proud of the local relationships we have developed over the years with our food partners to provide you with amazing offerings from this region.

That is why we start with locally sourced, fresh ingredients to use in our scratch-recipe kitchen, from our Stock Yards Beef, Wagyu Burgers, fresh seafood, farm-fresh locally grown produce, artisan bread from Max’s Artisan Bakery, all delivered by US Foods, and others throughout the greater San Joaquin Valley. Our house wines are from local McManis Family Vineyards.

Add our lakeside setting with its picturesque views of the Mossdale Bridge, pic-inspiring sunsets, activities like bocce ball, volleyball, cornhole, seasonal boat rentals, 6-acre park, top that off with a hospitality-forward staff and you have The Boathouse at River Islands. Our family strives to provide you with the environment to create memories, life is about stories and we are honored to be part of yours.


The following must be adhered to al all times:

  • No vehicles, food, drinks (other than water) are allowed on the playing field, dugouts or bullpens.
  • No Sunflower seeds are allowed on the playing field, dugouts, or bullpens.
  • No alcohol, tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, are permitted at this facility.
  • Noisemakers and air horns are strictly prohibited.
  • No glass bottles may be brought into the facility.
  • No additional seating is permitted in the stadium.
  • No coolers may be brought into the facility.
  • No strollers are allowed into the Stadium seating area. Strollers may be left at the entrance gate at the owner’s risk.
  • No music or P.A. system may be louder than 30 dbl.
  • No weapons are allowed on any part of the Stadium grounds.
  • No tents, spikes, or stakes may be used on the playing field at any time.
  • No banners may be hung on the perimeter fence.
  • Use of any images must be approved by River Islands Baseball Club, LLC.


If during the event any of the above restrictions are not maintained, at the discretion of the venue manager, (located on site during the event), the situation must be immediately corrected or the event may be terminated.

Restrictions (cont)

If during the event any of the above restrictions are not maintained, at the discretion of the venue manager (located on site during the event), the situation must be immediately corrected or the event may be terminated. Insurance: A Certificate of Insurance naming River Islands Baseball Club, LLC, River Islands Development, LLC, and Califia, Inc., as additional insureds for the day(s) of the event, load-in, and strike, must be presented a minimum of 14 days prior to the event and/or load-in. Facilities will suffice for this deadline, but the actual certificate must be received before any activity may take place on site. Coverage must be for a minimum of $1,000,000 liability per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.

The Certificate Holder shall include each additional insured listed above at: 73 W. Stewart Road Lathrop, CA 95330. The Certificate of Insurance shall be mailed to the following address: River Islands Baseball Club, LLC 73 W. Stewart Road Lathrop, CA 95330.